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Ultimate Ears is an American custom in-ear monitor, speaker, and earphone manufacturer based in Irvine and Newark, California, United States.

The custom in-ear monitor company was founded by Mindy and Jerry Harvey in 1995 and it created a new market for custom IEMs which are now used by most of the world's top touring musicians.

A customer they lost talks about "We purchased a speaker as a gift from the website and ended up needing to return it. I have been trying to return this product for 3 weeks now. Customer Service has been of no help. I have sent multiple emails to support and continue to get no response. No one answers their Customer Service support line either. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!".


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Fooled says

"Had the original UE Boombox from back in 2012 which has been excellent and served me well. Went to buy the UE Megaboom 3 having looking at the marketing material (with terms such as “Way more boom” and “Thundering bass”) and noticing all the rave video reviews online. When I got it back, was taken back by how tinny the Megaboom 3 sounded Compared side by side to my Old UE Boombox. Downloaded their app and played with the equalizer to try and get the Megaboom 3’s sound quality closer to that of my old UE Boombox. No dice, the old UE Boombox’s sound was clearer, had more definition and had far better bass response than the new Megaboom 3. Emailed UE support, never got a response back (despite saying they will respond in 48 hours). Thinking I received a faulty one, went back to the store to compare with other UE Megaboom 3’s on display. They all sounded the same. Asked the store if I could return it to which they agreed and gave me a full refund. Another customer in store overheard the conversation between me and the store rep where he affirmed he also had the same problem with the lack of bass to which he likewise had returned in disappointment. Quite disappointed in this regard. I would have expected Logitech / Ultimate Ears as well known brands to be more forthright in their marketing material. Unfortunately, given the large chasm between expectation (created by all the rave reviews) and reality (my experience), I can not help wonder if the company has possibly paid multiple reviewers and influencers for raves reviews as part of a possible astroturfing campaign. We will probably never know."

Danny says

"Great products, when they work. Second megaboom no longer works due to non charging battery (known design issue) only used it less than a dozen times, but it's now out of warranty period so UE customer service simply don't want to know. I now have my second £150 doorstop."

Patrick says

"Not recommending the megablast. I've now had two of these not working. If you can get hold of customer services it's a hugely time consuming process. Having tried all of the trouble shooting recommendations (over and over) now no response/reply to emails from customers service."

Kristina K. says

"Absolutely horrible customer service!! If you ever want to use warranty you wont ever be able because they simply ignore you!!! Let me tell you one thing, i will fight for what i am entitle to and i will spread the word about this rubbish company!!
Better buy your speakers somewhere else not worth the hassle coz they will send you the non working item anyway!"

Oscar says

"I e-mailed support 3 weeks ago since they don't offer Phone Support, still waiting for someone to update me on my Ticket, worst support ever."

Samantha says

"AWFUL. my speakers were delivered to the wrong address and no one will talk to me give me a refund or send me another. IT'S AN AWFUL AND DISRESPECTFUL WAY OF DOING 'BUSINESS', YOU'VE BASICALLY TAKEN MY MONEY THAT'S IT."

Laurren R. says

"We purchased a speaker as a gift from the website and ended up needing to return it. I have been trying to return this product for 3 WEEKS now. Customer Service has been of no help. I have sent multiple emails to Support and continue to get no response. No one answers their Customer Service support line either. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!"

GregUK1972 says

"Have had 2 pairs of their soundears at the rough cost of £180 a time. The last pair I bought in 2017 wore them for 10 days then again in 2018 wore them about 10 days again (yearly Europe holiday) went to wear them in 2019 and only the one ear was working, so around Europe I had to go with only one ear working.
The exact same thing happened to my previous pair of soundears from them, that’s £9 a day to use them very very very expensive. I will definitely not be buying a 3rd pair off them I just thought I was unlucky with the first pair."

Martin Brown says

"I have 2x boom 3's and trying to pair them is hit or miss, the app might switch them on, it might not, if you get lucky and they both actually connect and switch on, they might party up, they might not. If your lucky enough that they pair up, they will go ever so slightly out of sync with each other or switch back and forth, and then if that's not put you off, one will almost always crackle ever few seconds. Can't see me ever buying another ultimate ears product."

Guy Daunais says

"I bought the Megablast and it has given me nothing but trouble. I asked for help from Ultimate Ears a week ago and I only received a reply I have a "ticket".

This speaker is a piece of junk!!!

I have many Bose, a Harmon Kardon and a Marley.

They easily connect to my bluetooth on any device.

Not the piece of shiite Megablast.

Keeps giving me a reconnect message.

It was working ok until a couple of months ago and now is a big useless paperweight.

All I am asking for is someone to help me or replace the $300 + piece of shiite

I have been patient long enough, and I am now going to spread the shiite all over Google."

Peter Clenshaw says

"Having received a Boom 3 for my birthday it started to distort after 11 months. Still in warranty I contacted Ultimate Ears who initially were very attentive, requesting information in relation to the purchase, pictures, reference numbers etc etc. I returned the information almost immediately and since doing so they have ignored all further correspondence (three emails). Ultimate Ears appear to have copped a deafen! Not impressed, steer clear!"

Anthony Wynn says

"Bought a Megablast it’s 3 weeks out of warranty and it won’t switch on, their customer services said it’s out if warranty no replacement , no exceptions, avoid this brand"

Don says

"fantastic sounding product , bought the Mega blast so over £200as a xmas present . After the first charge it wouldn't charge again, i Emailed and got a speedy response. I was then sent 1 reply per day at 5.00 am and each reply for a week was a fob off , try this , download that , send me a picture then a picture with a hand written note . I did everything asked for a week and still no joy . No manager replied when i asked. No one email contained all the information they said they required but was all in the chain. Monday got a reply asking me for my name and address which i gave on the first email and the same person wanted to restart the process again. DO NOT BUY. Great product , Worst customer service ever."

Daisy Wanjala says


Kyle Harrison says

"Appalling (non-existent) customer service.

Spent £400 on two UE Megablast speakers. They do not work as designed (i.e. don't sync or pair up to make a stereo party).

They have fobbed me off for 9 months, and I've got nowhere. Send me round in useless circles.

I want my money back!

PS: do not buy the 'MegaBlast' speaker."

paul foster says

"None existent customer services, emailed them on there own site months ago and got no reply.
I wouldnt buy their products again on the strength of this."

Sanjana Yadav says

"Good nice great"

Brad Harris-Gadd says

"i ordered next day delivery and payed extra its three days later. good basic website and easy payments so its not all bad"

Danyal Hashmi says

"Good service"

Michael Fisher says

"I purchased a laptop back in May 2020 probably at the height of the pandemic. Unfortunately this meant that they were short staffed and generally incompetent. On top of which they decided to do a security check which just consisted of repeating the information that I had given them and was public knowledge, so no security involved. Delays and frustrations maent that I am unlikely to use ebauyer again."

krstlblu22 says

"I recently purchased the Mega Boom 3 and very disappointed in the "quality" of sound...I expected much, much, more, especially considering the $$$price..
Probably should have stuck with "Bose"..😬👎"

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